5 Things That Have Changed Now that I’m Engaged

By admin, Published Nov 19, 2012

1 - My dog Winston has to compete for my attention. I work from home with Winston by my side, so he's a spoiled pup when it comes to getting attention, pets, treats and the like. But since becoming engaged last weekend, and having my dream rock sparkling on my finger while I work, Winston is feeling a bit like the ugly redheaded stepsister! He's wondering what all the fuss is about with this new piece of hardware on my hand, so we're thinking we might sit him down and pop the "Will you be our ring bearer?" question early, so he can feel like he's back in the game.

Funny Engagement Ring Shots envious puppy

Someone's jealous...

2 - I finally understand the pressures often put on newly engaged couples. Mere hours after we announced our engagement, we were already fielding the "Sooo... when's the big day?!" questions. Unbelievable? I thought so! But the planning questions kept coming, and Reid and I couldn't help but laugh. But I can see how these types of questions (When's the date? What season are you thinking? Outdoor or indoor? Black tie or more low key? Etc. Etc. Etc.) could stress a newly engaged couple out, and make them feel pressured to start planning when all they want to do is enjoy their engagement bliss.

3 - I have a piece of jewelry that everyone (some males excluded) wants to try on. My fiance passed the test of picking the perfect engagement ring with flying colors, and people aren't shy about voicing their ring envy! The conversation usually goes something like this... (1) OMG you're engaged! Congratulations!!!, (2) Ok now freeze and show me that rock! Can I try it on? Can I post a picture on Facebook? I need to Pin this immediately!, (3) Have you guys set a date?!. But jokes aside, I love that everyone loves my ring, and have been wildly amused by some of the reactions. The best so far? "Oh, you can't wear that out in public.... you'll get mugged!"

4 - Practical strangers want to know all the personal details on how Reid and I came to be. We were at a beautiful wedding in Milwaukee this weekend, and since we didn't know the majority of guests in attendance, we were seated at (what appeared to be) the dreaded singles table. Luckily, the group of ladies sitting with us were amazing and fun, and (not so luckily, as I'm a pretty private person) wanted to know every juicy detail about our engagement, love story, wedding plans, etc.

5 - My nail tools and hand creams have been working overtime. Never in my life have I pampered my hands to this extreme. In the eight days since becoming engaged, I've changed polish colors three or four times, kicked my cuticles back into shape and rounded each nail to perfection, applied enough hand cream and lotion to moisturize an army, and have become addicted to keeping my ring sparkly clean and brilliant.

What major things changed when you became engaged? Do any of the scenarios above ring true to you? Sound off below!

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