5 Tips for Finding the Right Wedding Planner

By hello@bitchlessbride.com, Published Jul 17, 2012

So, I'm a kickass wedding planner, but there are some brides who might not choose to work with me because I am so kickass. Huh? Well, put it this way, if we met under different circumstances, we wouldn't choose to be friends. And you know what? That's okay. It's better for both of us to understand this now then to realize our error in judgment during the planning process. But it got me thinking about what you, bridey, should be thinking about when you start interviewing wedding planners.

1. The most important aspect... first impression. Was it "love at first sight"? Listen, I know that some of you may need a little more time to make a decision, and you should take your time. But, there is also a piece of you that knows when it's right... immediately. So do yourself a favor and listen to that voice when it's time to narrow down your options. Because no matter what, you have to like your planner. I don't care if he/she is considered the best of the best, if you don't like them personally; it's not a good fit. Period.

2. Who did the most talking? You or the planner? I have a rule that I only speak during initial consultations when I'm spoken to. Yeah, I'm not kidding. I mean, I'm pleasant and inviting, but I ask a lot of open-ended questions, and I then shut up and take a ton of notes. You see, I want to learn everything I can about the couple (where they met, the proposal, etc.) before they even start telling me about the wedding plans. I only talk about myself when they ask because it is not about me, it is about them.

3. Do you feel like they "got" you? Like, as you were telling them what's important to you (and your fiancé), you felt like they were picturing the event? Seriously, this person will be orchestrating your wedding day brideys, so if you don't feel like they understood your point of view or vision, then this is not your planner. Trust me, over the next year you will spend more time talking to your wedding planner than your bestie and bridesmaids, so if they don't "get" you or your vision, then you need to "get" somebody who will.

4. Did they cringe when you told them your budget? Just kidding, but do you feel as though they are capable of staying within the boundaries of your budget? Will they provide you with updated budget "stats" as you procure each vendor or make significant purchases? They should.

5. Bottom line? A wedding planner should be somebody whose energy is contagious. They are upbeat, love what they do, and exude passion for it. They will be excited for you and with you. They are nice, but strong and strong leaders who make their voice heard (when need be).

I really do hope this helps. Because there is nothing worse than working with somebody you don't like especially for such an important day. Trust me, if I could do it all over again, I would have referred a few past brides to other planners who would have been a better fit. But... I have several chances to get it right, and you don't.

How many readers are hiring (or have hired) a planner? If you've already taken the plunge, how did you ultimately decide on the wedding planner you hired? Any horror stories of bad bride/planner fits to share with us? Comment below!

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