5 Top Designers Predict 2011 Wedding Flower Trends

By Azure Nelson, Published Jan 7, 2011

Special to OneWed by Lisa W. for FiftyFlowers.com Looking for inspiration on how to style your dream day? We asked five top wedding designers from around the country for their top wedding flower color and variety trends for 2011: Top designer: Frank J. Andonoplas, Frank Event Design Flower variety trend: Branch Out “Look for arrangements using elements such as berries, pods and interesting greenery in addition to classic wedding flowers. I think we will see a welcome hiatus from anything floating and/or submerged as well as the use of manzanita branches. I also hope we will be seeing more interestingly-shaped bouquets instead of the round and tight look of years past.” Flower color trend: Blue “I think we will see a lot of blue in 2011, moving away from all the purple we did in the last 18 months. Blue will be mixed with a variety of colors from orange to green, lilac to yellow.” Top designer: Sasha Souza, Sasha Souza Events Flower variety trend: Petal Power “High petal count flowers such as peony, hydrangea and roses give brides the most bang for their buck and look romantic and opulent without breaking the budget. These flowers also lend themselves well to the romantic, open garden-style look that is so popular right now.” Flower color trend: Contrast “The flower colors should complement and make the colors stand out instead of matching. For example, if the bridesmaids are wearing turquoise or peacock green you would want flowers in tones of reds, oranges and yellow to really pop against the dresses instead of being too matchy.“ Top designer: Joy Thigpen, Thigpen Environments Flower variety trend: Natural “I'm hoping to see a lot of natural, garden-y bouquets and arrangements incorporating local floral and fauna. I'm also loving lilac right now. A bunch of lilac makes for an incredible simple, elegant, timeless and unfussy bouquet. And I think we'll see less peonies and more garden roses.” Top designer: David Caruso, Dynamic Events Flower color trend: Bold "The eye-catching hue of honeysuckle has been named the 2011 color of the year by Pantone. You can expect to see this flower variety in wedding designs that seek an engaging, carefree style. The sweet fragrance of the honeysuckle pairs nicely with other festive, reddish pink flowers such as roses, peonies, tulips, ginger and freesia." Top designer: Dwayne Ridgaway, Perfect Surroundings Flower variety trend: Relaxed “Flowers this year are a bit de-constructed. Gone are the days of rigid, tight bouquets. Peonies remain popular because of their home grown, fresh cut look. As well as roses, in soft, elegant colors that have been given a few days to open to their fullest. Hydrangeas remain popular but we love garden roses, mini calla lilies, viburnum and mixing herbs and plant material in any arrangement.” Flower color trend: Organic “We are using gorgeous colors of coral, pewter, sage and moss when we can and pairing that with varieties of eucalyptus for its texture, fragrance and relaxed look.”

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