5 ways to piss off your bridesmaids

By admin, Published Oct 31, 2011


There's nothing worse than a bridesmaid scorned...

Keep your bridesmaids happy


Wondering how to keep your bridal party happy, smiling and going the extra mile?  Well it's fairly simple if you avoid the five missteps below:


1.  Budget-breaking attire: How much would you be willing to spend on a so-so dress you'll probably only wear once?  Think very hard about this before selecting the bridesmaids' dresses, unless of course you're footing the bill.

2.  Extreme makeovers: There once was a bride-to-be who wanted picture perfect wedding photos.  She chose her two sisters to serve as bridesmaids, and one of the sisters always sported glasses.  This picky bride-to-be was insistent on no glasses down the aisle, so kindly asked her sister to go under the knife for lasic eye surgery prior to wedding.  A bit overboard??  I think so.  So don't require such extreme actions on the part of your loving 'maids.

3.  Me, me me! Yes, the wedding day is all about you.  And everyone knows this (especially your bridesmaids), no reminders necessary.  Fight the urge to utter any of the following phrases when working with your bridesmaids; (1) But it's MY DAY!, (2) Excuse me, are you the one getting married?  Yea, didn't think so., (3) I don't care if you're sick / busy / at work / interviewing for a promotion / spending time with your grandma / etc., you get here NOW to help me arrange these centerpieces!

4.  Unreasonable matching requirements: There's nothing wrong with wanting a cohesive look for your bridal party.  But insisting on head-to-toe clones is a bit much... especially if the expense of such coordination is falling on your 'maids' shoulders.  If matching shoes is a must in your book, gift these to your bridesmaids.  Same goes for jewelry, accessories, etc.  And when it comes to your bridesmaids' hair and makeup, give them the freedom to choose their looks.  Requesting natural vs. dramatic makeup is OK, but forcing a tight french twist, shimmery pink shadow, red lips and nails on all your gals is NOT.

5.  Listing it out: Your bridesmaids' should be your most trusted pals, so treat them this way!  No matter what your approach, handing out a list of requirements, expectations, or to do's is a surefire way to tick off your bridal crew.


What other ways can a bride really set off her bridesmaids?  What things can she avoid so her 'maids remain in her corner?


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