6 Disco Stylings to Ramp Up the Heat at Your Wedding

By Dana LaRue, Published Nov 7, 2012

When you were a kidlet, you dreamed of marrying Tony Mareno from "Saturday Night Fever." You'll Kung Fu Fight all the way to the dance floor. So naturally, you'd want to hustle some disco stylings into your wedding day.

While you could pull out all the stops and cha-cha your way down the aisle to your powder-blue, polyester-suited hubz, we've got a few more subtle stylin's for your sizzlin' '70s self.

Show your guests that your dancing is "Hot Stuff" with a light-up dance floor.

Get down with some groovy grub, like this disco-themed wedding cake.

What kind of disco wedding would it be without the disco ball? Shiny, sparkly and always ready to get down!

Don a bridal gown that is reminiscent of Halston's iconic 1970's styles: Slinky, flowy and daring.

When it comes to disco balls, the more the merrier! These string lights add that little extra sumthin' sumthin' to your decor.

As for your hair? The only way to do it right would be to channel Charlie's Angel herself, Ms. Farrah Fawcett. Loose, feathered and ready for some fun!

What do you think of these groovy ideas? Are you inspired by any particular era?

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