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6 Things Nobody Tells You about Buying an Engagement Ring

Guest Blog Post By: Ivana Smith

If your knowledge about the diamond is limited to the fact that they're very expensive and shiny, you're going to want to do some research to get a clear overview of the picture and have a much-needed head start. And as it turns out the most basic investigation on any search engine will lead you to the much talked about factors of 4Cs: color, cut, carat and clarity; the universal system for rating a diamond quality. But this is not all you need to know.

Interestingly, there are several lesser known facts or intricacies about diamond buying, and the wise buyers make it a habit of probing and knowing about such easily negligible details. This is the camp you'll want to be in when you start ring shopping, and to give you a head start we've compiled a list of 6 not-so-obvious tips.

  • A store with On-Site Jeweler - A jeweler can do small repairs and ring maintenance quickly, which means that you won't have to send your ring elsewhere for sizing. In addition to the fact mentioned above, a jeweler can also answer any technical question that you might have about settings and gemstones. So, make sure that there is an on-site jeweler on staff at the store, you're purchasing a ring from.

  • Difference between Platinum and White Gold - Platinum is a naturally white, whereas gold is naturally yellow metal. You might be wondering if white gold is naturally yellow than how come it is called 'white'? White gold gets its appearance from composites that are joined with gold and a rhodium plating. Experts at Aida Designs US remark that this plating will eventually wear off through wear & tear and reveal a yellow tinge, so it white gold rings will eventually need to be repainted and re-polished Platinum, on the other hand, holds its color and is naturally stronger than white gold. However, it gets scratched easier, so it also requires repolishing on occasions. Moreover, in terms of cost benefit, here's a little-known fact: Platinum and an 18K white gold are about the price as per ounce. However, it takes twice as much platinum to make a ring as it does with gold, which is why experts remark that platinum rings are more expensive than their white gold counterparts.

  • Watch out for symmetry of the diamond - Why? Because a misaligned diamond has a minimal light performance, which means it has a reduced brilliance. A diamond with a good symmetry will have more sparkle, which is why it is imperative to select a diamond that's as symmetrical as possible.

  • The importance of cut (shape) - The importance of the cut of a diamond is emphasised by its light performance and visual size. To put it more appropriately, two diamonds with same carat weight can appear to be remarkably different from each other depending on the depth or shape of their cut. Hence, the importance of this factor should be prioritised. On a side note, diamonds cut too deeply or shallow can lose light through their side or bottom, which results in the lack of brilliance and therefore value.

  • Why should you consider placing a custom order? - One thing you'll realise once you start cooking for a ring is that the gemstone and the setting don't need to come as one bundle. Yes, it's easier to buy a ring as you see it, but you can purchase the setting and gemstone independently, and after that ask the jeweler make your custom ring, which means more liberty and flexibility of choice. More importantly, do not interpret 'custom' with 'expensive'. This means, you happen to like the stone on one ring, and the setting on another, and now you can make your ideal wedding band. The jewelers are service providers and thus will try their hardest to make you happy.

Your budget will be tested - Reality: Regardless of whatever your budget is, buying an engagement ring is to be expensive. The chances of finding a Groupon is highly unlikely. And on top of it, you will feel pressurised to go higher on your pre-fixed budget. Believe it or not, when you go to buy an engagement ring, you are in the driver seat, and not the smiling person across the counter. It's your money, your time and your moment, so make the most of it by shopping around for your best option.

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