9 Subtle Ways to Gamify Your Wedding

By admin, Published Apr 17, 2013

Want to infuse fun into your wedding day without getting too casual, or throwing off the elegant vibe you worked so hard to create? I know the feeling!

Luckily, with sites like Pinterest and Etsy delivering endless inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, it's easier to pull off than you may think!

So stand firm on the "No dunk tank at the wedding" rule, and try one of these more subtle options...

1.  Wedding Crossword

2.  Reception Dance Off

3.  Puzzle Guest Book

4.  Wedding Word Search

5.  Scratch Off Trivia

6.  Cootie Catchers

7. Gamey Groom's Cake

8.  Photo Booth Pose Off

9.  Country Corn Hole

How will you ensure guests have a blast on your special day? Will you incorporate any of the fun ideas above? Post a comment to share your thoughts!

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