9 Wedding Do’s and Don’ts for Brides & Grooms

By admin, Published Aug 20, 2012

Whether your big day is right around the corner, or you have plenty of planning time before you say "I Do", save these nine do's and don'ts in a safe place to ensure a wedding day that goes off without a hitch!

DO indulge in pre-wedding pampering, and do touch-up (especially lips, cheeks, and t-zone) throughout the day.

DON'T get sloshed at the rehearsal dinner. Believe me on this one... a green bride or puking groom is never a good look, even for the most talented wedding photographer.

DO stick to your guns with regards to RSVPs. Because those extra plus 1's (and kids you didn't want as guests) will quickly break the budget.

DON'T pick a reception venue far away from the ceremony location (unless you're providing transportation for guests).

DO have more than one bar, with plenty of options for guests who don't drink. Maybe a booze-free signature drink or two?

DON'T let anyone rain on your wedding day parade, whether it's a jealous bridesmaid, a type A planner, or a spotlight-loving mom or MIL.

DO expect a few folks who didn't RSVP to show up (and do handle the situation with style and grace). Take it up with the delinquent RSVP-ers once you return home from your honeymoon (or just let it go, and chalk it up to water under the bridge).

DON'T forget to be a gracious host and thank everyone who contributed, and everyone who showed up.

DO tip your vendors!!! And do offer food and drink to vendors who will be present at the ceremony and reception (photographer, planner, etc.).

So what do you think? What other Do's and Don'ts for brides and grooms can you share with us today? Post it in the comment section below, send us a tweet, or join the conversation on Facebook!

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