9 Wedding Planning Worries to Stop Stressing About Today

By admin, Published Jan 21, 2013

A bride's journey towards the aisle is filled with twists and turns, and while the engagement period is blissful, it's not all rainbows and unicorns.

Because planning a wedding is hard! Especially when a full-time job is also in the picture (which is the case for the majority of brides today). So keeping the stress down, and the excitement up, is often easier said than done. But if you can let go of the nine wedding planning stressors below, your path to I Do will be significantly more satisfying and stress-free...

1 - You'll never find the right venue, for the date you want, at the right price. Finding your venue may seem like a Mission Impossible right now, but with a little dedication, legwork, and a willingness to be flexible, you'll find that venue that hits all the right notes.

2 - Family tension will ruin your big day. Every family has issues, and the merging of two families can make people act cray cray. But no matter what family drama is happening in your life, expect loved ones to take the high road and put personal issues aside when your wedding day arrives. They are your loved ones after all!

3 - You won't reach your lofty wedding dress weight loss goal. Setting a high (healthy) goal for your target wedding day weight is a good thing. But thinking about it constantly and beating yourself up anytime you indulge in the slightest is sure to bring out your bridezilla side. So instead of focusing on the number, focus instead on eating healthy, cutting back on the booze, staying active, and toning up. No matter how many pounds you shed before the wedding, your groom will love you all the same!

4 - Your wedding won't measure up to past epic weddings. Forget about all the past weddings you've attended, and think about YOU and your groom as you plan your special day. Having a "Keeping up with the Joneses" mentality will dampen your creativity and box you in, so focus instead on incorporating the things you love as a couple, and personal touches that guests will remember.

5 - All eyes are always on you. As a relatively shy bride-to-be, I've struggled with all the attention I've received since becoming engaged. It seems the spotlight is never-ending! And in many ways...it's true. Because after the engagement (and all the "Let me see the ring!" and "When's the date?!" talk), there's the engagement party, the bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, and of course, the wedding! So brideys, embrace the attention now and just appreciate the fact that you have so many wonderful people around you who care so much.

6 - You'll disappoint or be judged if you don't get married in a church (or synagogue, temple, etc.). Reid and I have struggled with this decision, because our religion is important to us, but we love the idea of a romantic outdoor wedding. In the Catholic faith marriage is a sacrament, but a priest can't marry you outside the church (so if we choose to have an outdoor ceremony, we'll have to use a non-denominational officiant and our marriage won't be "blessed"). I know my grandma, mom, future MIL, etc. would love to see us get married in a church, but I also know they just want to see us happy. So do what works for you, and don't think about what others are thinking!

7 - Should we just elope?! If you're considering eloping for the sheer fact that the burden of wedding planning seems too much to bear, stop it now! Because if you always pictured yourself getting married surrounded by friends and family, you'll regret the decision to run off and just get it done. A better alternative is to scale back your grandiose wedding visions, and maybe plan an intimate affair for 50 or so of your nearest and dearest. Just remember- you only do this once (hopefully!), so don't sacrifice what you really want just to make things easy.

8 - Shouldn't my groom care more about this wedding? Fact- the most important thing to most grooms when it comes to the wedding is giving his bride the wedding of her dreams. So don't be offended if your groom is leaving a lot of the major decisions up to you. Be happy that he trusts your taste and wants to let you lead the charge!

9 - OMG it costs WHAT?!? Weddings are expensive, with the average U.S. couple shelling out over $28,000 for the whole shebang. It's jarring to see $15,000 catering minimums, $12,000 venue rental fees, $5,000 price tags on wedding dresses you adore... but it's the nature of the beast. Do what you can to save in areas that make sense (like, DIYing your decor and centerpieces, or using a family member's outdoor space as your venue) but try not to become obsessed with how much you're spending.

What have you found most stressful about the wedding planning process? Share it (and your tips for dealing) in the comments section below!

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