A LWD for Every Style Wedding

By admin, Published Apr 13, 2012

Here's a question for all our brides considering a second wedding dress for the reception. Will your wedding reception dress be white, ivory, or a similar traditional shade? I love the trend of brides in LWDs at receptions, but I wouldn't be opposed to a little splash of color!

And for the bride who's intrigued by the non-white wedding dress trend but can't say no to a more traditional gown, what a great way to get both! A classic white or ivory gown for the ceremony, and a LCD (or...non-white LWD lol) for the reception. Below are some adorable (and affordable) LWD & LCD options from TopShop!

How do you like? Do you see one worthy of your wedding reception?

For Blushing Ballet Brides

For Brides Who Love Lace

For Brides Who Want to Sparkle

For Non-White Wedding Dress Brides (or for that special 'something blue')


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