A Potentially Risky Yet Fabulous Wedding Reception Idea

By admin, Published Mar 5, 2013

I've already told you aaaaaall about my fiancé's creative ideas for our wedding reception... long drive contest, three hole putt putt, Slam n Jam basketball, and (gasp) a dunk tank (which I'll tell you right now will not be happening). So anytime I see games incorporated stylishly into real weddings, I can hardly contain my excitement.

Enter, this adorable wedding in Pasadena photographed by Acqua Photo. The wedding venue, Pandora On Green, offered the perfect setting for guests to let loose, and an ideal backdrop for the couple's carnival themed nuptials.

The highlight I can't stop obsessing over? The rainbow-fabulous balloon darts station! Not only is this SUCH a fun idea, it also really amped up the couple's whimsical reception decor. And who doesn't love a good game, or a chance to win an awesome prize?

But... before you say I Do to this fantastically creative reception entertainment idea, keep a few things in mind. If your wedding party is a rowdy crew, or you expect guests to truly indulge in the open bar, pointy darts flying through the air could spell disaster for your special day.

So brideys, what do you think? Are you loving this idea, or is it a bit too risky for your big I Do's? Sound off below!

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