A Tea-riffic Idea for Bridal Shower Favors

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

The words “party favor” can bring up images of useless knickknacks. For your bridal shower or bridesmaids’ lunch, why not go with something a little more sophisticated, not to mention yummy. Todd and Holland Tea Merchants not only makes yummy teas (my favorite is Morning Dew, a green Sencha with hints of rose, cornflower and sunflower) but they’ll also custom design a tea label for your event at NO additional charge! Pick a tea to serve at the bridal shower, then order extra to give as favors to the guests. Need help choosing a tea? Check out their universitea classes. One of the things I love about this idea is that it's a small business. Larger companies can be great, but they're not as likely to provide unique services like this free of charge. When you're planning a party or a wedding, don't forget the small businesses you already love, they may have one of a kind items, and be able to give you more personalized service than some of the larger companies. Even if they don't offer a service, if you're a regular customer, the owner probably recognizes you and would love to talk to you about your idea, and see if she can help. Of course, local or not, if you find a vendor you love, make sure to rate them on onewed! Have you found any local gems in your neck of the woods?

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