A Touching Real Wedding Between Deployments

By admin, Published Aug 25, 2014

Courtney and Lee's love story began when she was 16 years old and he 18. Their mother’s believed that they were perfect for each other and essentially tried arranging their first date! Needless to say, they fell in love and have been inseparable for 7.5 years. Lee joined the U.S. Navy 4 years ago and was stationed throughout various states along the east coast while Courtney stayed home (in Delaware) to finish her nursing degree. After she graduated nursing school and he graduated the Navy’s nuclear engineering program, Lee came home on leave before leaving for deployment number 2. They were in the kitchen at Courtney's mom’s home when Lee pulled her aside near the kitchen doorway entrance and got down on one knee. The significance of the location is that Lee had first told her that he loved her in this doorway when they first started dating. Immediately, without hesitation, she said YES!! Currently, they are facing their 2nd deployment and although they spend more time apart than together, the Navy has taught them patience, communication, faith, and, more importantly, cherishing each moment they have together. They have grown to appreciate each other and to love unconditionally. The multiple “unknown” phone calls, emails, letters, and Skype dates keeps their love alive while deployed. A quote from the bride: " Even after 7.5 years together, this wonderful man still makes my heart skip beats...he is my best friend, sailor, and hero." Aside from having a touching story, this couple had a lovely ceremony with a lot of DIY rustic elements. And check out that beautiful ombre cake ball tower and fun candy bar! Comment below on your favorite detail from this wedding, and Ideabook your favorite images!

Reception Venue: Historic Kent Manor Inn

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