Adding Your Own Personal Bridal Touches

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Apr 13, 2012

This week I did a post on, Adding Character to Your Dress. It really got me thinking about how bridal fashion has metamorphosed  the past few years. Thanks to some indie designers and new generation brides, restrictions that were once de riguer can be relaxed or broken all together. Notice I said, can--you have a choice now and if you want to don that long, flowing bridal veil anytime of day be my guest, ditto the long gloves in polka dot if you want. Still, I get clients who ask, "Can I wear white even if this is my second wedding . . .?"

Here's my answer: You can wear pretty much whatever you want as long as it makes you look and feel your best. Adding your own touches means just that--something that says you and defines you in a way no words can. Here are a few touches I personally love from the new Ruche Bridal Collection.  Hopefully they'll give you some inspiration...

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