Amazon Wedding Registry Tip: Cameras and Camcorders

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 15, 2009

You do know that after your wedding day there won’t be people following you around with cameras anymore, right? That’s where this week’s Amazon Registry Tip comes in! Digital Cameras & Camcorders A digital camera and camcorder are the best ways to record the major milestones and day-to-day joys of your life together. The images and movies you capture will help you keep in close touch with friends and family and will be a treasure for generations to come. Digital Cameras Digital cameras make it easy to preserve and share memories. Images can be e-mailed, printed, displayed electronically in distant relatives' homes (with a digital frame), posted on personal Web sites, or even played back on your home entertainment system for a 21st-century slide show. To choose a model that's right for you, consider how you'll most likely use your new camera and look for features that best match your interests. Want to photograph family gatherings? Look for a camera that excels at portraits. Taking vacation and sports pictures? Look for a long zoom and image stabilization. Camcorders Home theater needn't be a passive experience. Now you can create cinematic masterpieces and capture priceless family moments of your own with a camcorder. Portable recording technology has progressed dramatically in the past few years, and affordable consumer cameras now create movies that look nearly as good as professional videos. You can record directly onto MiniDV, DVD, Microdrive, or memory card, edit footage in the camera (with DVD-RW or RAM) or on your properly equipped home computer, and share the results with family and friends in a multitude of formats. Need more wedding registry info and advice?

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