Amazon Wedding Registry Tip: Housewares

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 1, 2009

Ahh, nothing says romance like a nice clean house! You don’t think so? Wait until you read this week’s Amazon Registry Tip on Housewares! Housewares Housewares may not equal high romance, but they're certainly sexier than grime, discomfort, and mess. Outfit your home with some basic housewares to keep your newlywed digs looking like new. Floors and More First things first: what are you going to do about those floors? Whether your home has hardwood, carpet, or both, you need a reliable way to tidy and clean its base layer. For maximum versatility, go for an upright vacuum--many models have the capacity to handle a combination of floor types. Hoses and attachments increase a vacuum's applications, letting you tackle upholstery, draperies, and stairs. For above-the-floor surfaces and other types of scrubbing, consider putting a steam cleaner on your registry. These flexible, powerful devices range from the handheld to the hose-and-tank style and clean everything from grout to pet beds. You'll also want to look at hand vacuums for those hard-to-reach places. Care for Your Clothes Getting married is a great occasion to toss out your ancient travel iron in favor of a full-size, honest-to-goodness, steam-and-everything model. When comparing brands, think about the items you iron the most. Removable-tank irons are great for sleeves and pockets, while an iron with an upright capacity or a garment steamer is handy for dresses and draperies. Stainless-steel soleplates are highly durable, but nonstick ones generally cost less. Even if an accomplished tailor doesn't live in your house, a sewing machine can be an indispensable appliance. Having one around cuts down on the money you spend for new clothing, alterations, and repairs. And sewing machines aren't limited to apparel, either. A versatile machine comes in handy for around-the-house projects, embroidery, quilting, draperies, linens, and Halloween costumes. Love Is in the Air Making a house a home can be as simple as adjusting the atmosphere. Space heaters and fans help you accommodate all four seasons, not to mention the various preferences of a home's residents. Some combination models even offer a full temperature range, eliminating the need for multiple appliances. To fine-tune the air quality of your home even further, consider registering for an air purifier or humidifier (or dehumidifier). Still don’t think housewares are sexy? Maybe you need more registry ideas.

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