Amazon Wedding Registry Tip: Small Kitchen Appliances

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

This week’s helpful information about Amazon’s Wedding Registry Guide is about the top five Small Appliances. When assembling your registry list of appliances, keep in mind the size of your kitchen and whether the items will fit. If the appliance is accessible and you're comfortable using it, it'll more likely add to your cooking ease and pleasure. Food processor: These range from mini chopping machines to full-size professional models. Be sure to check which attachments come with individual food processors. Choices cover slicing/shredding discs, bread-kneading blades, juicers, and more. Mixer: Choose either handheld models, for convenience and mobility, or countertop stand mixers for frequent baking or heavy-duty jobs such as making bread. Blender: This is the best appliance for chopping ice, puréeing certain soups, and whipping up smoothies. Blenders come in many sizes, and the pitchers can be plastic, glass, and metal. Coffeemaker: Consider your coffee habits and a feature or two you think will improve the whole brewing experience when picking a coffeemaker. Toaster or toaster oven: Choose from toasters with two- or four-slice capacity, bagel options, defrost capabilities, or pastry settings. Or choose a toaster oven for more versatility in countertop cooking. Need more gift registry tips?

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