An engagement ring for men - the latest trend

By News, Published Aug 10, 2010

Women who are headed to the altar love sporting their engagement ring loud and proud, but what about men? When it comes down to it, guys have no way of proving they're officially taken before exchanging vows.

Now, it looks like men are softening up to the idea of wearing a ring during their wedding planning, according to the New York Times. Known as a "mengagement ring," the trend is currently making waves around the country.

"Why would one person wear a ring and the other not?" Joel Voss, who is currently betrothed Katherina K. Y. Hauner, told the news source. "It may seem novel now, but I would hope it's becoming more normal."

The fad is so popular at the moment that shops are now offering mengagement rings by the dozen. Novori, a jewelry store based in Washington State, sells such items that range from $405 to over $2,800.

Barbara Risman, the head of the sociology department at the University of Illinois at Chicago, expects her soon-to-be-fiancé to wear an engagement ring just like her.

"To me an engagement ring says...'I found a life partner, I'm happy and I'm connected to another human being.' And that’s a pretty cool thing to proclaim," she told the news outlet.

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