Ask the Experts: How Many People Should Be in My Wedding Party?

By Azure Nelson, Published Nov 19, 2009

Ask the Experts is your weekly chance to get expert wedding advice from OneWed’s panel of wedding experts. If you have a question write Dear Ask the Experts, My fiancé and I are trying to decide on our bridal party. Is there an ideal number for bridesmaids and groomsmen? Can groomsmen and ushers be the same people, or should they be separate? What are some things we should think about when choosing people for these roles? Thanks Bride with Friends Tynne of Wild Expressions Florist says: There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to decide on how many people should be in your bridal party. One of them is the bridesmaids/maids or matrons of honor need to carry bouquets and the gentleman all need boutonnieres. That may be an expense that is beyond your budget. Choosing family members and friends may be difficult but you want to surround yourself with those that love you. Also, the groomsmen and ushers can most definitely be the same people. The number of people that are invited to the wedding should play a role in how many gentlemen are in the bridal party to escort the guests to their seats. Makeup Artist Miriam B. Says: A good number of bridesmaids for a bridal party is as many as you feel comfortable with! But, keep in mind, that if the bridal party gets to an unmanageable size (10+), it can sometimes be a problem when you're all getting ready the morning of the wedding. I would keep it to 7 or less, just for the sake of timing. The groomsmen should match the number of bridesmaids, so that when you are having them escorted in, it will be symmetrical and complementary. The Wedding Maven Says: The average number of bridesmaids is five, but keep in mind that the day of your wedding can be quite stressful. Surround yourself ONLY with helpful people you know will help you feel relaxed and calm. About our experts: Tyyne' Catapano owner of Wild Expressions Florist in Milford, Ct specializes in wildly romantic bridal flowers. Miriam Behar is a bridal makeup artist, hair stylist & Xtreme lash stylist in Miami, FL. She has 10 years of experience as a licensed beauty professional.

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