Ask the Wedding Maven: Are Bridal Showers Just for Young Brides?

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Dear Wedding Maven, I am planning to host a bridal shower for my lovely sister-in-law who is 35. We are very happy for her and her man. There will be a number of single ladies there at the shower. My question is how to make each one of them feel special even if they are older and still single, and at the same time celebrate the bride to be. Signed, Sister-in-law of the Bride Dear Sister, Wow. I can certainly see how you’d be puzzled. I mean, how on earth are you going to fit all those walkers into your house? What will you do if these lovely ladies run out of Depends? Or, what if they get overcome with emotion at their poor, unfortunate, unmarried state? They may start weeping and wailing and rip their clothes in frustration over the idea that they will die childless and alone. Certainly, a woman who has reached the advanced age of 35 and is still unmarried can’t possibly appreciate a bridal shower, she’ll need to be catered to in some special way. OK, sorry, I’m done being sarcastic now. I understand that from wherever you are in your 20s, 35 must seem old, and the idea of being 35 and unmarried must seem sad. But, my guess is that while some of these women might like to get married one day, some of them have absolutely no interest in it. Certainly, none of them feel that at 35, 40, 65, or even 85 they’ve lost their chance to find someone special and that they need special accommodations in order to celebrate their friend’s happiness. The way to make guests of any age feel special is to treat them well. Provide fantastic food and drink, schedule great break-the-ice activities, and of course, check out the Savvy Scoop and our Advice Section for lots of great bridal shower ideas. Have a great time! Do you need wedding advice? Do you have a question about wedding traditions, etiquette, or relationships? Write the Wedding Maven at (Don’t worry, she promises to be nice.) About the Wedding Maven

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