Ask the Wedding Maven: Wedding Gifts from Bosses, What's Appropriate?

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 22, 2009

Dear Wedding Maven, I’m going to the wedding of a co-worker in a few weeks. Technically, I’m her supervisor. How much should I spend on a wedding gift? Thanks Wants to Be a Good Boss Dear Boss, First, whenever I get a question about wedding gifts I like to take a minute to remind people that a wedding gift is supposed to be a token of good wishes and affection. It is NOT payment for being invited, and the cost of the gift is NOT a reflection of how much the giver likes you. Generally speaking, a gift from a supervisor should probably be a little more financially generous, but a little less personal than a gift from a friend. If she has a wedding gift registry I would stick with something on it. You don’t want to get too personal with someone who works for you because there are so many ways a gift can be misinterpreted. I would suggest one of her place settings, or another piece of her china. Towels, or table linens would be another good way to go, stay away from sheet sets or anything to do with the bedroom! Want a more specific answer? Add $25 to what you would normally spend on a friend from college’s present. You certainly don’t have to do this, but it’s a good rule of thumb for people buying presents for employees. Do you need wedding advice? Do you have a question about wedding traditions, etiquette or relationships? Write the Wedding Maven at About the Wedding Maven

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