At last, Gisele and Tom tie the knot...again!

By News, Published Apr 6, 2009

Supercouple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen made their vows semi-public and wholly official for the second time this weekend.

The pair declared their lifelong commitment to one another at a small ceremony at Bundchen's home in Santa Theresa. Under the dramatic Costa Rican sunset, Bundchen and Brady exchanged vows to about 25 guests, including Robert Kraft, the New England Patriots owner, says.

Bundchen's wedding dress is said to have been a "designer" piece with a ten-foot-long veil, according to media reports. Brady wore a classic grey suit with white trousers.

The ceremony occurred at sunset. Prior to that, Bundchen and attendants gathered and dressed at the Hotel Flor Blanca while Brady hosted a brunch for his male guests at the Milarepa hotel.

However, even celebrities can't avoid a couple of wedding snags. Rogue paparazzi hid in bushes near the ceremony spot and several media sources report that Costa Rican police shot at the fleeing paparazzi who had contraband photos and video.

Luckily, the couple were unaffected by the incident and the party continued. Almost makes you want to forget your own wedding worries, right?

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