Bachelorette Parties Not Welcome

By admin, Published Jun 1, 2012

There's no question that gay clubs and drag bars make for fantastic bachelorettes. The bride's guy can breath easy knowing his leading lady isn't getting into trouble, and truthfully... where else can you see Bobby transformed into Beyonce lip syncing the hell out of Bootylicious (and even stick a few singles down "her" bedazzled bra if you dare)?

Sadly, the party is over for LA brides & bridesmaids because The Abbey of West Hollywood (voted "Best Gay Bar in the World") is banning all bachelorettes. You can get the full scoop in the press release here but in a nutshell, it's a move by The Abbey's owner to respond to the ongoing legal battle over California's Prop 8 and the recent ban on same-sex marriage in North Carolina.

And until marriage equality is reached, The Abbey has this to say to brides and 'maids: Take your penis necklace wearing, sash & tiara sporting, attention whoring, drink guzzling bachelorette party business elsewhere.

What do you think about The Abbey's bold move? Is it fair to penalize brides and bridesmaids when the much larger issue at hand (same-sex marriage) is totally out of their control? Share your thoughts below!

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