Bridal Makeup: Traditional Foundation vs. Airbrush Foundation

By Azure Nelson, Published Jan 14, 2010

Special to OneWed by Lauren Iavarone of Expert Makeup Artistry Studio The most common makeup question I receive from my brides regarding their wedding-day makeup is what is the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup, besides price? For traditional makeup, we use a regular foundation and for airbrush, it's applied with a misting action and a specially formulated foundation. There are many types of traditional foundation. Liquid foundations are the most popular. Most liquid foundations are a WATER base. They are not specifically formulated for long wear. If you are oily, water-based products tend to separate from the skin, because water and oil do not mix. If you your skin is dry, certain types of foundation may by more visible than you would like. A good rule of thumb for dryer skin is to mix your foundation with a dime size of your everyday moisturizer to make the foundation slightly thinner in consistency. I suggest bringing in the foundation that you normally wear in order to give your makeup artist an idea of what consistency you prefer on your complexion. When using a traditional foundation on brides, I apply it with a foundation brush and set it with a pressed powder that is a shade darker than their skin. This will ensure that your face will not photograph lighter that your neck. When choosing airbrush application, you want to confirm with your makeup artist that they use a silicone-based airbrush foundation. This is the reason that airbrush foundation has a 10+ hour wear time. Using silicone, instantly fills in lines and smooths the surface of your skin. Silicone-based foundation is also sweat resistant and water resistant, so those tears of joy wont streak your face! It is truly radiant and gives you such a natural finish you won't even know you're wearing makeup! This is a good choice for any skin type. You should not be able to "see" your airbrush foundation, it does not need to be layered and should feel like a second skin. Keep in mind: You do not want to be taken out of your makeup comfort zone on your wedding day. If you prefer one type of foundation over another, speak up. Your makeup artist will work with you and give you the options that will best suit YOU! Disclosure: This helpful advice was provided by one of our makeup experts with a paid OneWed listing

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