Bridal Manicure Madness: Shellac

By Faye Ehrich, Published Feb 25, 2013


You know on OneWed we are huge fans of a good manicure. But, if there is one thing we all hate it’s getting your nails done and then immediately messing them up. Who hasn’t done that?

If you’re a bride-to-be then chances are you’ve got a good reason to gussy up your nails (that sparkler on your ring finger and plenty of people asking to see it!) and don’t want your polish to go to waste. Enter our new favorite thing, the CND Shellac manicure. I recently discovered the shellac mani while taking advantage of a Groupon and even though no one has put a ring on it, I like my nails to look good. I was easily wooed by promises of perfectly dry polish before leaving the salon, chip free for up to two weeks, and shiny throughout. Too good to be true?


Low and behold, my sparkly nail polish lasted over two weeks, chip free and shiny the whole time! I even went and got another one; it’s going on one week and still looking great!

Shellac manicures use a special kind of polish that hardens under UV light after each coat creating a gel layer on top of your nails. Unlike acrylics you don’t need to damage your nails to have it applied. The only downsides are you do need to have the polish removed by a pro, and a shellac manicure or pedicure will typically cost more than a normal trip to the salon. But, chip free is pretty rad!

Most of the big name brands have some version of a UV hardening nail polish and the color and nail art options are extensive. Curious about what the process looks like before you make an appointment? I found a nice little video explaining it all, right here. So, before sitting down to get pampered think about trying a manicure that will last for weeks of pre-wedding events and down the aisle!






Have you tried shellac before? Tweet us a pic of your mani! Love nail art? Check out our Pinterest board full of ideas!

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