Bridal Showers vs. Man Showers: Can't We All Just Get Along?

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Last week The Man Registry wrote about “The Man Shower". I’m all for single-sex parties and showers. I have lots of male friends, but I really value the times when I can just hang out with the girls. I know plenty of guys feel the same way. When you’re planning a wedding, those events can be extra special. BUT, what’s with this line “A man shower is the perfect opportunity to grab some of the gifts that you care about! The bride usually has several showers and brings home car loads of gifts, so why can’t the guy have one measly man shower?” Excuse me? Do you really think brides dream about sheets, towels, and juicers? Those aren’t “bride gifts” they’re couple gifts. If given free range to register for whatever they want, most women I know would be waving those magic registry wands at the shoe department, not housewares. Why should the women get stuck with all the household goods while the guys get toys? I think the only fair way to do this is a couple’s shower. It’s the same concept as a bridal shower or a man shower, but it involves everyone. Of course, a lot of guys are going to be thrown off by the “shower” idea and think that a “couple’s shower” is a Cinemax movie. So, call it an engagement party, or give it a theme. It could be something cutesy like “Ken and Barbie” or it could be a theme centered around the couple themselves. Did you go to the same college? Did you meet because of a shared hobby? Now, of course, as the wedding maven, I have to remind you that the same rules apply here as in single-sex showers. You can’t throw one for yourself, you have to let the host tell you how many people you can invite, and you can’t have too many gift-giving showers. But, there’s no reason you couldn’t have a couples shower, and then some no-present bachelor and bachelorette parties to give you that special bonding time before the big day. So, what do you think? Is it time to toss the traditional bridal shower along with the bouquet? Do you like the idea of doing it as a couple?

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