Bride Chic: Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

By Azure Nelson, Published Jul 5, 2011

About Bride Chic I'm loving Polyvore for the simple reason, I drop by often to get inspiration. When I need a fresh set of young eyes I call upon those Poly-muses to show me something new. I'm never disappointed. Since the site is mostly about accessorizing, you'll find ideas on getting the right look for your wedding day way beyond anything you ever dreamed. For starters, the rule of thumb when choosing your accessories is, the simpler the gown, the more ornate the accessories can be. Likewise the more ornate the wedding dress, the simpler the accessories. Hats, veils, fascinators, wedding shoes, belts, gloves and bling all fall into the range of trimmings that can compliment your overall look. The paraphernalia with the short wedding ensemble above is all in the silver/white range and includes a handbag, belt and shoes . . . Lately we're finding more handbags paired up with bridal gowns. Once upon a time the bridal purse was held open by the bride for cold hard cash and guests dropped their wad as they 'paid' their respects to the newlyweds. Gone are those days and with the exception of a few cultures, the bridal purse is pretty much now what it is in everyday life: an accessory used for a compact, a small comb and lipstick . . . Notice how all these sets have great shoes. I find brides are really going past the regulation satin and peau pumps and shelling out for a great pair of Louboutins or Choos they can wear again . Shoes sporting color are one way brides are breaking out of tradition and creating their own individual look. Also consider tying your accessories into theme. These sets are all about vintage and in some sets there's a mix of retro pieces rather than sticking to one time period. That's okay as long as all your choices pull together a cohesive look. Yes, you do indeed have the option of mixing eras. When it comes to bridal veils, hats and fascinators, it's a loaded subject but here it is in a nutshell: You have the option of wearing or not wearing a veil. If you ditch the veil you can either leave your head bare or go with an array of other options. Hats jazz up your ensemble and add sophistication or fun depending on the style. Head bling in the form of a tiara or stick jewels spells glamour. Of all the veils, today's birdcage is loved by many a bride. It's a great choice if you want to look chic and get around easily without dragging a long, flowing veil around all day. The wedding dress in the second set is Vivienne Westwood which equals a touch of whimsy. Experiment with unusual and/or out-of-the-ordinary bling. Classic jewelry for bridal is anything in the pearl category. Amping up the glamour a little or a lot? Try diamonds and pearl combos or even your favorite stones. Gloves used to be de riguer for weddings, everyone wore them, including guests. Fast forward fifty years and gloves are still practical in winter months for helping warm up hands and arms. Whether crocheted shorties or long, opera length lending that aspect of drama—gloves are glamorous and really tie a bridal look together. Luckily there are no rules anymore about what sort of gloves you have to wear with your gown. You can go with the classic white and ivory or jazz up your look with any length, color, texture, even pattern. Just as some brides are showing some pizazz wearing different color shoes with their gown, glove color is an option you have as well. Go ahead, be adventuresome! Here's a helpful tip: The length of glove you choose has to do with preference and the style of your gown. Typically, long gloves proffer more of a high fashion look—short gloves paired with little hats and shorter veils give a more lady-like appearance like 1950s-60s brides. Props like fans and parasols add panache to your look and come in handy to fan off and sheild you from the hot sun. Lately we've seen a string of bridesmaids holding parasols as they process in--a truly lovely touch.

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