Bride Chic: Futuristic Bridal Veils

By Azure Nelson, Published Jan 1, 2010

About Bride Chic Most of these futuristic veil creations would make even Judy Jetson look like she's got a thing going with vintage. With the exception of the Watters treasure below (photo 6), these are not necessarily looks to come down a wedding aisle near you, but concepts designers and fashion photographers put out there to inspire or wow us into thinking beyond bridal fashion's safe beige parameters Photo 2: Whatever was Raimon Bundo thinking when he sent these lovely twins down the catwalk? I call this image 'Gemini Bassinets' for obvious reasons. It does prompt some green thinking though. What better use for a veil after the wedding? To crown your eventual new arrival's crib or bassinet with a Sleeping Beauty style canopy. I'd think twice before adding this headpiece 
to Junior's crib though . . . Photo 3: For me this head covering from Beijing Fashion Week, November 2009 is oddly reminiscent of a bunch of white Rubic's cubes strung together. Or is it DNA molecules? Photos 4 & 5: While uber-poufs out of tulle and organza are making headlines, these shapes of what look like organdy and gauze sculpt differently bringing the pouf headpiece to a different level . . Photo 6: Maybe not as futuristic as unique, this ruched up tulle veil reminds me of headpieces found in old Flemish paintings. 
On the right bride in the right gown it's a really different touch. Helpful Links: Bridal Styles and Wedding Dresses Wedding Hair Styles

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