Bride Chic: Mermaid Silhouette Wedding Dresses

By Azure Nelson, Published May 28, 2010

About Bride Chic The Mermaid silhouette comes in many forms. Thanks to a few designers like Elie Saab and Vera Wang the mermaid is enjoying a real comeback. From skirts that flare gently around the knees to larger versions with pouf, they're all back to stay this time. Like the legendary creature herself, the mermaid is half and half: half sheath, half ball gown. Fitted long and snug to the knees then POW! Either a full flared skirt or tiers of ruffles complete the look, sometimes falling into (no pun intended) a fishtail train in back. Big glam look in the 1950's in heavier, highly polished satins. Bombshells like Jane Mansfield donned some high voltage, kitchy-chic with this mermaid cut. Most of the drama of a Mermaid wedding dress is not only in how the skirt flares but the fabric of which it's made... And remember, petite brides! Mermaid silhouettes are great alternatives for shorter brides who love the ball gown look but can't wear it for it's all consumingness. Helpful Links: Designer Wedding Dresses

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