Bride Chic: The Hair Bride- Wedding Day Hairstyle Ideas

By Bride Chic, Published Sep 10, 2009

About Bride Chic The Knot Book of Wedding Gowns put it succinctly when making this observation: "When it comes to topping it off there are two types of brides: 'hair' brides and 'veil' brides." In the case of the veil bride, she may figure wearing this traditional accessory will be a once-in-a-life time deal; others claim they don't really feel like a bride till the veil goes on. A hair bride is another story. Her crown of glory is her way of pulling the whole look together whether her hair is worn up, down or even with a veil tacked to the back of a bun, back and out of the way. For today's bride variations of headpieces and hats can either compliment or replace a veil. We're even seeing hair jewelry added to the 'topping it off''repertoire. Last week I had the opportunity to work with makeup artist and hair designer, Christal Saville on this shoot. She's made available the stick pin hair jewels shown in these images so difficult to find but lots of brides have been hollering for. Check out the variations here from pearls to rhinestone, round and star shapes . . . Photo 3: Often hair brides will opt for cage veils or netting woven through a hairstyle. In the case of the photo 3, Christal wove and swirled a yard of 12 inch netting though AnaMaria's chignon and and sprinkled rhinestone jewels through the hair. Photo 4: Christine gave Elle a little bit of veil tacked onto the back of a bun here. She looks so debutante. We also shot a few of my new headpieces soon to go up on Etsy. Here (photos 5-7) are the looks I promised my readers reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady, both Audrey Hepburn flicks and if you check out the models--they too are hair-dressed in the spirit of Audrey. Are we perhaps a tad bit Audrey obsessed here . . . .? Long hair and/or hair worn freely is making a comeback lately. The Boho look you see here is just one of your options. I'd like to thank Robin and Shelah of Sweet Light Studios in San Francisco for their beautiful work on these images. And those three beauties, Elle W, Natalie and AnaMarie. Gowns and Headpieces: Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal Couture Makeup and Hair: Christal Saville

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