Bride sues ex-fiance after he fails to say wedding vows

By News, Published Dec 30, 2010

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. - Dominique Buttitta, a jilted bride from the Chicago area, can certainly attest to that.

According to, the beautiful brunette is suing her ex-fiancé, Vito Salerno, after he changed his mind about slipping a wedding ring onto his finger just days before their blessed event. The former bride-to-be had spent thousands of dollars of her own money paying for wedding vendors and other necessities.

"She relied on their joint decision regarding the marriage ceremony and party, and spent her own funds on her reliance on his representation," hotshot lawyer Gloria Allred told the news outlet. "If he backs out, he should pay her back."

The news outlet reports that Dominique, 32, spent $11,000 on flowers and lighting, $10,000 for an orchestra and another $5,000 for her wedding dress and matching veil.

While most brides-to-be will likely not have to worry about such an event happening, they may want to take out wedding insurance just in case.

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