Bridesmaid or Bridesguard? History Says It All

By admin, Published Mar 5, 2013

Ever wonder how bridesmaids came to be? Or where the significance and symbolism of the bridal party originated? The answers may surprise you!

Bridesmaids have a rich history dating back to ancient Rome, and while the term "bridesguard" is a fairly new one, one of the bridesmaid's main jobs has always been protecting the bride. Ready for a little history lesson? Here are three historic looks at bridesmaids and their duties:

  • Ancient Rome - Bridesmaids escorted the bride to her groom's village, protecting her from evil spirits that were thought to target nearlyweds.
  • China - Bridesmaids guarded the door to the soon-to-be bride's house, and when the wedding day arrived, the groom would have to answer questions and earn the approval of 'maids before gaining entrance to the house to see his bride.
  • Victorian England - In an effort to protect the engaged couple from malicious wedding guests who might curse the union, bridesmaids would dress like the bride, and groomsmen would dress like the groom. The idea here was to throw off and confuse the ill-wishing wedding guests.

Pretty interesting don't you think? Watch the video below to learn a bit more...

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