Bridesmaids or Designers? With Coco Myles, They'll Be Both!

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

If you ask your bridesmaids what they want from the designer who outfits them for your wedding, here are a few of the top responses you can expect… 1) A dress they can wear again 2) Styles and designs to flatter every body type 3) Vibrant colors in comfortable fabrics What if I told you that you could get all of this and more for your maids, all for under $200? I came across the Coco Myles website the other day, and was blown away (in a good way!). If you haven’t heard of Coco Myles, here’s a little look into their unique product offering… “Coco Myles knows that it's both more fun and exciting to wear a beautiful new dress if you can design it. We think that today’s young women are savvy when it comes to both fashion and technology and are more than capable of designing their own stunning dresses for any occasion.” Once you (the bride) have decided on the color you want your gals to wear, the ball is in their court. They create the dress that makes them feel like a million bucks- pairing the Sweetheart neckline with the A-line skirt in beautiful Charmeuse, or the Empire top with the Bubble skirt in crisp Georgette. Whether a size 2, or size 32, with Coco Myles, each of your bridesmaids will look and feel stunning. What’s better than happy, smiling bridesmaids on your wedding day?

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