British couple show off wedding on a budget

By News, Published Aug 12, 2009

So many couples try to organize a budget wedding, but then costs quickly start adding up and they wind up spending more than intended.

Perhaps this is why the nuptials of British bride and groom Ben Alty and Karolina Nowakowska are getting so much attention.

Several newspapers are reporting on the couple's success at holding a budget wedding that cost less than £2,000 ($1,650).

First, the bride purchased her wedding dress at a second-hand shop for £30, while the groom had his tux custom-made by a Hong Kong-based website for £75. The pair used family wedding rings that had belonged to Alty's great-grandparents.

Nowakowska enlisted the help of her friends to get her hair and makeup ready for her big day, and everyone pitched in to get the music and decorations in place for the ceremony.

But what about the reception, which is often the most expensive part of any couple's wedding? Well, Alty and Nowakowska celebrated with 100 guests in a converted garage. Their relatives cooked all the food and served it.

"We both wanted a wedding which reflected the times and was affordable without losing any of the magic," Alty told This is Lancashire.

The key to such thrift seems to be having a group of friends and family who are happy to donate their time and talents.

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