Bubbly Bride: Barefoot Bride

By Azure Nelson, Published Feb 5, 2010

About Bubbly Bride A few weeks ago I wrote a post on telling your story through the shoes you pick for your wedding day. Today I am going to entertain another idea— walking down the aisle barefoot. Your story may not include shoes at all and that is OK! If shoes aren't your thing, do not waste time and money searching out a pair to complete your attire. A common stereotype that goes along with brides and bare feet is that it is only acceptable at beach weddings or if you consider yourself a "hippie". I find this a norm at beach weddings, as it doesn't make sense to try to balance yourself down the sand in stilettos. If you are a flower child at heart you might embrace the idea of being closer to the earth, and keeping your attire as natural as possible. Don't fall into the misconception that these are the only scenarios to walk barefoot down the aisle. The goal is comfort, you are spending hours on your feet and if you aren't used to walking in heels, and can't find flats that you want to wear down the aisle— barefoot might be the way to go. I am not suggesting to walk around outside freely in your wedding dress without shoes, the last thing I would want is an emergency trip to the hospital because you stepped on glass. During the 30 minute ceremony, leave your shoes in the dressing room and let your personal style shine through. Whether you grew up not wearing shoes or lived in a beach town and never needed to— why start wearing shoes during the one of the most important days of your life? If you do choose to show off your new pedicure and walk down the aisle without shoes, consider adding jewelery to your look. I love all of the foot jewelery available for brides who choose to walk down the aisle barefoot. You can find so many different designs full of crystals, jewels and colors!

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