Bubbly Bride: Combined Wedding Events

By Azure Nelson, Published Aug 17, 2010

About Bubbly Bride Picking dates and times for your wedding events such as bridal showers, bachelorette parties, couples showers, wedding dress and bridesmaid dress fittings and rehearsals can be stressful. Picking dates for anything when you have to coordinate between five different schedules can be stressful. The thing that makes weddings different- it becomes very personal! You want your family there, you want your maid of honor there along with all of your bridesmaids, you want everyone invited to come to the festivities... but not everyone can always make an appearance. Recently I was invited to an all-day bridal shower and bachelorette event that, surprisingly, worked well for a number of people. Traveling is not always cheap or easy, so making it an all-in-one trip for your girlfriends will guarantee higher attendance especially at your shower. Plan for the bridal shower to kick off around 1pm for lunch and festivities and then around 4 pm when the shower is winding down, you can all head over to the hotel to start round two of the festivities. Have the hotel room pre-set for appetizers and drinks to start the night. Have the lingerie shower that evening and then head out for dinner and an evening celebration however you choose. This will be a long day and may not be for everyone, but it will allow your friends and family to schedule the day for you and not have to choose an event if they can’t make both of the events. Some brides want to elongate the process, they want to have separate events and make each one special in its own way - and this is fine! Just realize that by planning multiple events where you expect people to attend, the out of town or busy friends might not be able to free up all the time you need them to, and you have to be OK with this! Make each event special whether they're planned on the same day or months apart. Focus on who attends each event and not who isn’t attending each event! Will you be combining several pre-wedding events into one blowout bash, or are you keeping each separate?

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