Bubbly Bride: DIY Wedding Ideas- Wedding Day Wine Corks

By Bubbly Bride, Published Sep 10, 2009

About Bubbly Bride If you are a wine lover like myself, consider carrying over your passion for wine into your wedding day. Wine corks can be used in a variety of ways to add some style to your big day! If you are well prepared, I suggest simply starting a year out and saving all of your wine corks as you celebrate your upcoming wedding and using these for place cards or decorations. Let your friends and family know your plans and have them start saving their corks, depending on how many you think you will need. The most common way to use wine corks in your wedding is to use them as escort card holders. Shave down one end of the cork so it can sit up sturdily, and cut a slit in the other side just large enough for you to slip an escort card in. If you like the look of these, but do not feel you are creative enough, you can purchase these in sets at numerous locations, one being Corkey Creations on Etsy as shown below. A great favor idea for your guests are cork coasters in sets of two or four. These you can easily make yourself or purchase. These coasters will use more corks per favor, so if you plan on making them, start early or gather a lot of friends and family members to help out! For example, each coaster takes 8 corks, and lets say two coasters per guest (16 corks), for a 100 person wedding you would need 1,600 corks. While you might be ambitious and do this yourself, I suggest this only if you are having a smaller wedding or buy them through a company.. The last thing you need as a bride is to have a pile of 1,600 corks in your living room with a few weeks left before you walk down the aisle! Wine wreaths are a fun way to add decor to your room, I usually see these hanging on the front doors of the church or reception site to give your guests a fun preview of what is to come! Another decoration idea is to use these candles that are designed to look like wine corks on your tables to add a romantic atmosphere with keeping up the wine cork theme. Or fill flower vases with wine corks to use as your centerpieces at the reception. Have colorful flower arrangements coming out of the vases for something a little different. I love how these small wine corks can add such variety and personality to a wedding. Start early collecting them and gather your friends in an assembly line to help you make them yourself! How have you used wine corks for your wedding day? Photo Credits: Photo 2~ Top: Corkey Creations; Bottom Left: Beau Coup ; Bottom Right: Wine de Zein Photo 3~ Left: La Petite Chic; Right: Do It Yourself Weddings

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