Bubbly Bride: Early Morning Wedding

By Bubbly Bride, Published Sep 10, 2009

About Bubbly Bride Not every bride has dreams of her wedding lasting late into the night. Some morning brides love a delicious brunch served along with a desire for early morning vows. This is a great way to save money and some couples have traditions of brunch every Saturday or Sunday morning and want to share this with their friends and family. The menu will obviously offer much different fare with items such as eggs benedict and fancy french toast ending with a delicious cinnamon roll cake for your guests! Get creative with food stations for a breakfast wedding such as a smoothie bar, omelet station or a variety of crepes. Let the guests build their own oatmeal or waffles with fun options for toppings. This is a great way to save money if you are on a tight budget, most venues will offer great deals if you are willing to consider celebrating in the AM. There are a lot of considerations to remember if you are planning a wedding for the morning: 1. Not everyone will be as bright-eyed and bubbly at 9 AM as you are, so if your ceremony is first, try having a catered coffee bar at the ceremony to help wake everyone up. 2. You and your bridesmaids will either have to wake up very early to begin the pampering or be on a much tighter schedule. If you are anticipating your hair and make up taking a long time this might not be the right time for you on your wedding day. 3. Not every woman is blessed with lovely bags under their eyes (like myself) early in the morning, but I know that I would need to plan ahead for a pretty amazing make-up artist to hide them for pictures. 4. With stomachs rumbling, a suggestion would be to possibly switch up tradition and begin with a breakfast for your guests and plan to have the speeches and events before the ceremony to ensure everyone is paying attention to the vows and not their hunger. Since most people aren't up for a big dance party at 11 AM you can end with the ceremony, have an exciting exit and then everyone can enjoy the rest of the day. 5. Plan a wake up phone tree for the bridal party. There is always someone who oversleeps and having an early morning wedding leaves little time for error. 6. To help your guests arrive as easily as possible, reserve hotel rooms for the night before, close to your ceremony site and have a shuttle transport your friends and family members to the event

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