Bubbly Bride: Golfing Groomsmen

By Azure Nelson, Published Jan 4, 2010

About Bubbly Bride Waking up the morning of the wedding can be a very different experience for the men and women in the wedding. Women's Schedule 7:30 AM - Wake up call 8:00 AM - First group of hair appointments begin 9:00 AM - Next group of hair appointments begin 9:30 AM - Aunt brings by breakfast for the girls to make sure they keep eating all day 10:00 AM - At least one girl always needs her hair redone for various reasons 10:00 AM - Make up/Nail Appointments/Fake Eyelashes/Beauty Routine begins 11:00 AM - Arrive at church to start getting dressed Noon - Aunt brings lunch to the church for the girls 1:00 PM - Photographer takes family pictures and bridal party photos Men's Schedule 12:30 PM - Wake up call 12:45 - Quickly jump in the shower and throw some gel in your hair 1:00 PM - Arrive at church to begin taking photos with the bridal party One of the main comments I get from grooms on the day of their wedding is, "I wasn't nervous until I had to sit around this church for 4 hours." Women can easily primp and chat for 4 hours and the time will fly by. Guys sitting around having a beer watching the clock tick by usually adds some stress to the day. I suggest if you love to golf get the guys up at 7:30 and make a tee time, I guarantee you will have some extra time in the morning. This will not only be a great bonding time but will get your mind off of the long day and help settle your nerves. Set up a nine hole game- add some fun competition or prizes at the end, and have one last morning with the men! Also, this will make sure all of your men are up and ready - you are all together and won't risk someone oversleeping or showing up late. Make your groomsmen gifts coincide with the nine hole activity by paying for a round for everyone as a thank you along with some personalized golf balls with your gift. Let your wedding photographer know your plans and have them come out and get some great action shots so you will remember the day. Have a beer or two as normal, but please be cautious and don't have too many... your bride will not be too happy!

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