Bubbly Bride: Kiddie Korner

By Bubbly Bride, Published Sep 28, 2009

About Bubbly Bride Some couples decide to not invite kids altogether, but for those with big families and a lot of little ones running around, a way to entertain them is a blessing. Parents with kids want to enjoy your vows, dinner and dancing, yet most of the time they are preoccupied with being the sole entertainment for their children. Be the bride and groom who plans ahead and give the gift of a babysitter to your friends and family with children. They will be overly grateful to enjoy the evening as adults. Rent a room next door in the banquet hall and depending on how many kids you have coming, arrange to have babysitters available to keep the kids entertained. If you don't have additional rooms available to rent, designate a back corner of your reception as a kids table/area. Arrange for babysitters to man the table and assist in keeping the kids busy. If you are able to rent a room next door, have activities for a variety of ages and personalities. 1. Have board games ready for all ages such as Candy Land, Catch Phrase, Twister or Monopoly. Make sure the games will encourage group activities, and for the kids to interact. 2. Embrace the current technology and video game craze that kids are involved in today. Have a TV set up with Guitar Hero or Wii and you will be surprised how many hours the kids can go without being bothered or becoming bored. 3. Older kids or more introverted children might not take to group activities as quickly. Have books, crossword puzzles and maybe a laptop available for kids to spend some alone time entertaining themselves. 4. Finally consider supplying 3-4 sleeping bags on the floor with pillows for those children who can't seem to stay awake. The key to the kiddie corner is to involve the entire family but allow the parents to truly celebrate with you. How often is one parent having to excuse themselves from the ceremony because of a crying little one? Or the couple isn't able to make it through to dessert because their child missed their afternoon nap. Many couples have to decline wedding invitations due to not being able to find a babysitter for the evening. As a bride and groom you can take away these inconveniences and invite your guests to a stress-free event!

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