Bubbly Bride: Not Your Typical Backyard Wedding

By Bubbly Bride, Published Sep 10, 2009

About Bubbly Bride If you have a picture of your perfect wedding ceremony or reception in your mind... and can't seem to find the right venue, I suggest creating it yourself! If you have not been given the opportunity to attend a "backyard wedding" in a tent I encourage you to do your research. By starting with an empty tent you can add linens, chairs and even chandeliers that will reflect your non-typical backyard wedding. I urge you not to think that because you are choosing to have your wedding outside in a tent that you are sacrificing any elegance. By the end of this post I hope I help you see that you can walk from your backyard into a world of luxury with lights and breathtaking floral arrangements. You can have carpet beneath your feet and a dance floor for your first dance just like any venue in your city! Whether the tent is open-air or completely closed-off, use this as a chance to begin at square one and have everything at your venue you ever dreamed of. Always plan for the weather when having an outdoor event. An easy precaution, if you are nervous about rain, is to choose the closed-off tent so you can spend your worries elsewhere. Below, there is a beautiful picture of a closed-off tent with a clear top, this will give you the ambiance of a wide-open space but still let you relax about rain on your big day. You need to arrange parking for your guests, whether you are having your wedding in your backyard or in a local park. Depending on the size of your event, you have a few different options. If the wedding is small perhaps you can park along the street or in a nearby lot. If you have a large number of guests, I suggest hiring charter buses to quickly load up everyone and transport them to the reception so no one has to be waiting long. Set up two tents for your wedding, the first with a lounge feel for your cocktail hour and have passed appetizers. Keep this first tent clean and simple, use it as a sneak preview for what is to come. Once the hour is over, invite your guests into the second tent that will be set up much like the pictures below and leave your guests amazed. Adding chandeliers and carpet will help your guests to forget they are outside

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