Bubbly Bride: Pre-Gaming Your Wedding... How Many Drinks Are Too Many?

By Azure Nelson, Published Feb 9, 2010

About Bubbly Bride When your wedding photographer is trying to take your group bridal party picture, where are the groomsmen? Or maybe the bridesmaids snuck off to have a glass of wine or bubbly before walking down the aisle. More than ever I hear of bridal parties, guys and girls alike, incorporating alcohol into their pre-wedding celebration. Let me clarify, in no way do I think it's wrong to have drink in celebration as a group before the ceremony. I enjoy a glass of bubbly as much as the next, but I also think that it is something that needs to be done in moderation prior to the ceremony. When drinking prior to the wedding interferes with the scheduled events such as pictures, or breaks any rules that might go along with the wedding venue, it needs to be addressed. Also, whose responsibility is it to monitor this? If you hire a wedding planner they are a great go-to person to help get everyone in line. If you don't have a wedding coordinator, I suggest nominating an aunt or close friend of the family you trust to keep an eye on the time and the bigger picture of the day. Finally, how much is too much? This is a question that has a variety of answers and varies from wedding to wedding. I would like to pass this question on to you - how much is too much? Have you put thought into this at all or had the conversation with your fiance yet? Will there be any drinks prior to your "I Do's"? Raise your glasses and celebrate the day! Helpful Links Expert Wedding Advice Plan Pre-Wedding Parties Find A Wedding Planner (to save the day!)

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