Bubbly Bride: Romantic Proposal Idea- Destination Engagement

By Azure Nelson, Published Mar 2, 2010

About Bubbly Bride You hear a lot about destination weddings, where all of your friends and family pack up and head to an exotic location to celebrate your I Do's. What I think we will begin hearing more of are destination engagements! Your future fiance surprises you with an impromptu vacation where he plans a weekend for just the two of you. One day you come home to a card telling you simply to pack your bags and be waiting at a certain time to leave for who knows where! Hopefully he will leave you a few clues as to where you are going and what to pack... you don't want to end up in January with only your bathing suit. The excitement will only build as the day goes on. You may have reached that point in your relationship, gone engagement ring shopping together, and you might even know that this is the weekend that he is getting down on one knee. The excitement lies in the not knowing when and how he will do it, and being in a new city together, experiencing an adventure. You will forever have that city as where you were first engaged and will make for a fun place to revisit down the road. Any couples will admit that getting away from the day to day grind, and leaving your friends, TVs and computers behind is when you truly get the opportunity to connect with your husband/fiance. So use one of the most important weekends to get away and celebrate for the first 24 hours as just the two of you. For the guys out there - Have you started planning a destination engagement yet? Helpful Links: Engagement Rings Top Tips and Wedding Ideas Share your fabulous engagement story!

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