Bubbly Bride: Sitting in Style at Your Wedding Reception

By Bubbly Bride, Published Sep 10, 2009

About Bubbly Bride When planning a wedding we all want our guests to be as comfortable as possible. You will be amazed at how by adding furniture to your wedding it will transform the evening from a reception hall to a lavish event unique to you! Try creating corners and gathering areas for your guests to join together and get to know one another. The furniture will encourage your guests who choose not to dance or are taking a break, to sit and stay for awhile! Your friends and family will appreciate being able to move around from their assigned tables and find a more comfortable seat, possibly away from the busy dance floor. The furniture can also play up your color scheme with textures and fun pillows that will enhance the atmosphere. I love when I see weddings add furniture to their event, it definitely creates a more modern lounge feel. Both indoor and outdoor weddings are enhanced with furniture added throughout the reception. As with any outdoor wedding, there are obviously additional precautions (e.g. weather) with having furniture outside– trust me the end product is worth the risk! Check with your venue on their rules pertaining to furniture at the venue. I would suggest having a detailed diagram of where you want the furniture to go for your planner. Make sure the servers/bartenders know where the furniture is located and ask that they stop by periodically throughout the night and check to see if the guests need an additional drink or hors d'oeuvres. If possible, you may want to have a server assigned to the furniture area so your guests can enjoy themselves while chatting and not have to get up or be interrupted! Along with furniture, drapes and lighting can help to truly transform a reception hall. I have seen vendors do amazing things that leave the space unrecognizable from when you first saw it! If you want your guests to relax and move outside of the banquet rounds of 10, give them a more cushioned seat and a luxurious feel! What furniture did you add to your wedding and why was it important to you?

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