Bubbly Bride: Unique Traditions, And One Dream Wedding Dress!

By Azure Nelson, Published Apr 13, 2010

About Bubbly Bride Recently I had the opportunity to experience a true act of kindness, and what I think would make a sweet tradition if chosen to participate in. Wedding budgets and costs are one of the most stressful parts of any wedding. No budget or planning can prepare you for the wedding war on your wallet. The dollar amounts will keep adding up and any savings you can find will be a huge relief to your stress level. While shopping with a bride-to-be recently, I was lucky enough to be there when she found 'The Dress'. In her excitement she called her sister in to celebrate and let her know which wedding dress she had decided to strut down the aisle in. Her sister's response was not only one of undeniable joy in sharing the moment, but she opened her heart and gave her sister one of the best gifts I had ever seen. She bought the wedding dress right there on the spot for her. Not only is this a huge relief for the bride's wallet, but it was unexpected and truly from the heart. The bride's first response was 'I can't wait to return the favor and buy my sister's wedding dress when she gets married'. She is excited to walk down the aisle in not only the dress of her dreams, but a gift from a loved family member. We can't all afford to purchase a wedding dress for our sister, but I thought this act of kindness brought up an interesting question. When it's your own sister or closest friend getting married - is it better to pick up a blender off their registry for the big day, or to think outside of the box and help out with the costs of the wedding in an unexpected way? Did you put extra thought into the gift because it was your sister?

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