Bubbly Bride: Wedding Cake... 1 Year Later

By Azure Nelson, Published Jan 25, 2010

About Bubbly Bride I don't know if you have had the pleasure of tasting a cake 1 year later, but personally I don't like cake two weeks later...I don't like cake a few days later. I understand that if you freeze the cake it helps preserve it - but when you are celebrating the completion of the first year of your marriage, you deserve to bite into a fresh, moist cake. I understand the special meaning behind taking out that top tier of your wedding cake and sharing it one last time...but why not just order the same flavor, same size cake one year later. I am all about creating romantic memories- but I am also all for practicality. Between going on your honeymoon, possibly moving to a new home, entertaining guests, and grocery shopping for an entire year- a lot can happen to that cake! Why add extra stress of taking care of the top tier of the cake, I suggest planning ahead with your bakery to have that top tier recreated one year later. Recently, a lot of bakeries are offering couples a complimentary recreation of the top tier for their one year. Take the top tier with you on your honeymoon if you must, or leave it for your loving family members as a thank you for joining in the celebration! Whatever you choose to do on your wedding weekend, know that one year later you can have a fresh cake waiting for you at the bakery you originally used for your wedding. It's just as romantic and much better tasting! What happened or will happen with your top tier after your wedding?

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