By Azure Nelson, Published Dec 7, 2009

About Bubbly Bride Glamor with a little attitude! Your first entrance is when the doors of your church swing open and all of your friends and family turn to look at you walking down the aisle. They get their first sight of you and are instantly eyeing the style of wedding dress you chose, from what fabric it is, to the gemstones or lace that it is designed with. This is your chance to wow them with your style and show off your elegant taste, and don't forget the months of shopping for that one dress. ... or does it have to be just one? Recently brides are taking advantage of their wedding schedule and changing their attire before entering the reception. There are a couple of reasons that brides are desiring two looks for the evening and are looking forward to making their second entrance as an officially married woman. Some brides choose wedding dresses that aren't easy to dance in and for the sake of the party they want a dress that they will be able to move and groove in! You can't always twist and shout in a mermaid style gown. Another reason brides are spending the extra shopping time to find a second dress is to merely show off their sassy side. Their family deserves to see the promising vows and her perfected salsa dance. This way you get to have two big entrances with a chance to wow your guests. Your pictures will come back full of variety for you to choose from and your dresses will tell a story from the personal nuptials to the shorter dress that you danced into the night with. One way to make this look work for you is to find two dresses that aren't identical but may resemble each other. For example, the two dresses shown here are from different designers but still have a feeling of similarity. They both show off the one shoulder look. The first Melissa Sweet dress has an overall look of being put together and elegant. The second dress by Ines Di Santo has a much messier but still very stylish look. This gal is ready to be married and take on the world together with her new man. Whether you have one or two dress changes throughout the night, make them both ones that may resemble each other but are different enough to reflect different sides of your personality. Please don't miss out on your wedding's big dance because your mermaid style doesn't permit it!

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