Bubbly Bride: Wedding Guest Book- How Will Your Guests Leave Their Mark?

By Azure Nelson, Published Jul 6, 2010

About Bubbly Bride Wedding Guestbooks began as simple lists. A podium stood tall at the entrance to your wedding ceremony and as everyone entered, one by one, they signed off. Almost like a roll call, each guest wrote their name on a sheet of paper declaring that they were present. This tradition has always been impersonal to me and I am glad to see modern day brides adding unique touches to make these guestbooks true keepsakes. I don't want to discount the idea of having a memory of everyone who attended your wedding, but I do question what you plan to do with the list of names. One of the most recent guestbook ideas I've seen which I love, is using a coffee table book full of photos of a destination that is important to you. For example, if you and your husband both went to Indiana University then find a coffee table book with professional photos, and have your guests sign supportive messages across the photos. Every page you flip you will display a new family member's signature, marriage advice, and uplifting messages. Nowhere in wedding etiquette does it say you have to have a book for your guestbook. I have seen guitars signed, wine bottles and more. Here are 3 standout plays on the traditional wedding guestbook that we love... 1. A "magnum" or jeroboam bottle of your favorite champagne, with a glass pen for guests to sign with. 2. Assorted river rocks (or seashells), one for each guest to sign. Display signed rocks in a lovely clear glass bowl or tray. 3. Individual cards, signed by each guest, to be hung from manzanita branches. I want this post to be collaborative with everyone pitching in ideas. There are endless possibilities for getting creative with your wedding guest book. How will you have your wedding guests leave their mark?

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