Bubbly Bride: Wedding Registry- Registering Where it Really Counts

By Bubbly Bride, Published Sep 10, 2009

About Bubbly Bride For brides & grooms who have each lived on their own for awhile, have already found their favorite dish set, and would never part with their 5 year-old blender... some go about registering a bit differently. They don't need the endless sets of glassware and may not be interested in replacing their pots and pans. Combining two kitchens, furniture and odds and ends, they usually are left with more than they can handle! They might choose to replace a few of the older items but mostly they have a great opportunity to get creative with their registry. Couples are thinking outside of the box on how they are asking their guests to shower them with gifts. Some are asking to contribute to a honeymoon fund, while others are registering for entertainment items such as Wii's and camping gear. One of my favorite trends is seeing couples request that their friends and families use the money that they would spend on a gift and and instead make a donation to a charity, either of their choice or pre-selected by the couple. It could be a charity that you or your fiance was personally affected by or something that you as a couple feel strongly about supporting. For example Riley Children's Hospital and Susan G. Komen Foundation are popular charities that many people feel strongly about. This is another way to give your guests a chance to not only go to a website and order a gift, but join together with everyone else at the wedding and truly be a part of something bigger! Instead of remembering the bridesmaids dresses or the centerpieces—they will be asking years after how the fund they contributed to is going! Send out your requests on a small card in your invitations and create a website link that will take them directly to the charities, making it as simple as possible to donate. This is a great way to start your relationship out on a positive note. Especially if you already have a house full of stuff, why keep adding— if this is something you feel strongly about as a couple I would seriously think about adding this to your registry list. Find one that is important to you and support it with your friends and family! Other suggestions to check out are: American Humane Association National Federation of the Blind The Conservation Fund The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease National Alliance to End Homelessness Global Hunger Project Big Brothers Big Sisters Source: Riley Children's Hospital, Susan G. Komen

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