Bubbly Bride: What if You Can't Afford Your Honeymoon?!

By Azure Nelson, Published Feb 2, 2010

About Bubbly Bride Once the wedding planning begins, almost immediately dreams of exotic locations fill every couples' heads. We all realize weddings are expensive, with all of the money put into weddings where do you find the extra change to jet off to paradise? Recently I saw the movie Up In The Air and found this couples' creative alternative for a honeymoon. They asked each one of their guests to take a mailed cardboard cutout to any hot spot, famous location or vacation they will be going on prior to the wedding. Each guest showed up with a new and unique photo of a different zip code and the wedding couple was in all of them! At the wedding they displayed a wall of these photos. Have your guests sign their pictures they bring in and you can create a customized guestbook. Add the pictures into a photo album or scrapbook if you have artistic talent! If you must get away, use the weekend after your wedding- set aside two or three nights to stay in a hotel within driving distance. Book a nice hotel and get some one-on-one time with your new husband, without going into debt. Spend the next year saving up money and focus your planning on your honeymoon. I guarantee that this will only make your "honeymoon stage" last longer and your excitement carry through the next year. You will comfortably go on your honeymoon a year later and not feel stretched for cash, fully enjoying your paradise of choice! Helpful Links: Budget Wedding Ideas Honeymoon and Destination wedding planning Steals & Deals (so you can save some dough before planning the honeymoon!)

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